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  • Book incl. Print(s)
    Jasper Krabbé, "Q" Special Edition including "Alley" print
    28 x 21 cm
    Jasper Krabbé, "Q" Special Edition including "Vondelpark" print
    28 x 21 cm
  • Biography

    Komma is a small publishing house and that is a conscious choice. We are convinced that by staying small, we can pursue personal contact, involvement and quality. Making a book is a collaboration where the content and the author’s wishes combined with our expertise lead to the most special books.

    Quality is of paramount importance to us. We therefore work closely with designers, printers and specialists striving for a similar level. Every piece of content needs a different form to look their best. In this quest, we prefer to think outside the box and give creativity free rein. The words 'that’s not possible' challenge us to look for a way realise the book nevertheless.

    We believe the most beautiful books originate from personal interest and passion. Because we have a great love for art, photography, cooking and socially relevant subjects, these are the themes we have specialised in. Our goal is to translate the emotion we feel for a subject into a form and accordingly transfer our emotion to the final owner of the book.

    Our goal is to be the leading Dutch publisher in the field of art, photography and cookery books. Not leading in the size of the publishing house or the number of books we publish annually, but leading in the uniqueness of our special editions that we realise with passion and love.

    We believe in quality over quantity and we think big. It’s our goal to make every book a high-profile publication.